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Hair Screw Testimonial:

I bought myself two of your hair bead screws as a Christmas present, and opened them today. They're rather wonderful. I have very long hair and often have trouble keeping it neat. Using the messy bun method with one elastic only works to a degree. Using a Chinese stick only works to a degree. I ordered two beads, and put them into my hair on opposite sides of the bun. A little later, I wondered what was wrong with my hair: it wasn't in my face, and I couldn't feel the slight tug I always feel with an elastic or with a stick, or even with a braid. Then I realized that it was exactly where I put it, and nothing at all was pulling my hair.


Memorial Bead Testimonial:

We have always enjoyed stopping by Laurel’s booth (Beads of Awesomosity) to see and sometimes buy one of her beautiful glass beads.  Her creative ability took on new meaning when I commissioned her to design a piece to represent my son who was killed.    The care and attention to every detail regarding this very sad and sentimentally important choice was impressive.  She listened to our story and from our conversation was able to pull out important details to capture in her work.  The piece she created for me took my breath away and left me in tears of how precious and reflective of my son it was. We ordered more.  My daughter received a funky, youthful piece. Each of us also has a glass memory bead we wear that is a comforting piece of Zane. Her ‘memory beads’ are a heritage piece. The process she has ensures the making of memory beads is uncompromised. The selection of colors is big, and her imagination is limitless.  She is your go to girl for anything you want created in glass with love and care that is unique.  Thank you Laurel, I travel with Zane, close to my heart with the piece you made me.

  - Janica 

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