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About me

about me

I am a creative being. Throughout my life I have embraced, applied and oozed creativity into every aspect of my life.  There is nothing in my life that hasn't had colour, words, emotion, and creativity poured into it, over it or marinated in it. 

I have always been drawn to the fluidity, colour and essence of glass.  After dipping my toes into many of the various glass arts (stained glass, fusing, frit work, painting, glass blowing etc) I found my bliss in flamework.  I find both serenity and power in playing with molten glass. I have been creating and manipulating this dynamic medium since 2006 and it is always a soulful and organic experience for me.  


Over the years I have been lucky to take a few classes and spend time with some amazing artists from around the world. Otherwise I am mostly self taught, through experimenting and playing I have been able to truly enjoy the learning over the years and look forward to much more!

When I was junior high school actually...I used this word 'awesomosity' to describe all manners of great, fun and wild things. It is more of a feeling than a look and it was difficult to define...but here is my best attempt at what it has evolved into for me.

Awesomosity is the state of being where joy, inspiration, peace, empowerment and creativity converge.

I am grateful to have been raised with art and to have found something that is meaningful, beautiful and magical to me. I embrace my flaws and imperfections and express my quirkiness and fierceness.

Thank you for visiting!

be fierce, find your bliss and bask in your awesomosity.

about my process


the glass

Glass comes in rods primarily made by hand in Italy (Murano glass) in all different colours. Each colour in a bead is made by a separate rod of glass.


the strength

Annealing is the specific process of heating and cooling to remove all internal stress from the glass thus making it stronger. Glass that is not annealed properly will break easily or even randomly without cause. I use a digitally controlled kiln to anneal all of my beads.


the melting

Using a torch, I heat the glass to melt (approx 800°C) and wrap it onto a metal rod to form the bead. Adding different colours and components as I go. 


the finishing

Each bead is cleaned by hand. Some beads are then made into jewelry pieces. I use mostly stainless steel components for it's durability and hypoallergenic properties. I also use titanium, silver, copper, brass, leather, silk, Swarovski and natural crystals in my creations. 


the magic aka science

Controlling temperature, flame chemistry, mineral content and gravity in different ways brings about different effects and reactions.

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the promise

I share my soul with the world through my art. Therefore I do my very best and they are always one of a kind unique. I appreciate your time and purchase and will do what I can to ensure your happiness with your

Beads of Awesomosity.

Thank you. 

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