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Studs - Made To Order

Studs - Made To Order


Our popular 100% hypoallergenic studs but you choose the colours! You can choose 1 or 2 colours. Because these are Made to Order, they will take longer to be shipped to you. 


Please be as descriptive as possible, for example I have over 30 shades of blue. So instead of 'blue', it could be bright aqua blue, or deep cobalt blue, etc. 


I have a few popular STYLES:

1. Gummy is transparent colour over white

2. Opaque is any colour that is not transparent

3. Confetti requires a 'base' colour and a 'confetti' mixed palette

4. Colour Block is two colours. Please note that different glasses interact differently so it is rarely half/half equally

5. Matte vs Shiny is an option as well


Please note that I will use my own discretion if the colours chosen won't interact well and choose something in the same colour family that will. 


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