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Mitigating Chaos

Mitigating Chaos



This large focal handmade art glass bead is made with a single colour of glass that reacts when I change the characteristics of the flame and then encased in clear glass.  It hangs on a beaded necklace of snakeskin agate, onyx and obsidian 24' long with the focal bead adding 2".  


Snakeskin agate is considered to heal emotional trauma and provide emotional balance and energy.

Onyx is considered an emotional healing stone to aid in alleviating stress and grief.

Obsidian is considered a protection stone that shields against negativity and enhances clarity.


Each one of a kind bead is handmade by me in my Shedio (a shed I built into a studio), in Calgary Alberta. I primarily use Italian (Murano) glass that I melt in extreme heat and control to create each bead individually. All of my beads are annealed straight from the torch in a digitally-controlled kiln for lasting strength and durability.

I try to represent the true colours of my beads and photograph them in natural sunlight to show them at their best. Depending on the device and monitor you are viewing on, these may appear differently.

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