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Memorial Beads

Memorial Beads


One of a kind glass beads made to honour the memory of your loved one.  I create these unique pieces with honour and heart. Contact me to book a free consult when you are ready. 

Price will be determined during design consultation. 


The beads displayed in photographs have been shared with consent. They are examples of what I have created and will not be copied.  Some of these have cremain ashes within the glass and others do not. Some are to wear and some are to display and others are not. It truly is as individual as you and your loved one are. 

  • Please note - Prices will Vary

    Please note that prices vary depending on size and design. They range from $60 to $120. During the consult, price will be estimated and agreed upon between artist and client before creation begins.

  • Deposit

    Please note that the amount being charged at checkout is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied towards your custom order.

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