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Violet Starling bird

Violet Starling bird


This pendant is called "Violet Starling", it's a bright purple wee bird with a metallic black beak.  It has been wrapped into a nest and a pendant with stainless steel wire.  

The Birds of Awesomosity are each very individual and have their own little personalities. Some are inspired by actual bird colouring like this one.

It has a 3/32" vertical hole straight down the centre of the heart. Handmade with Italian glass then immediately annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting durability.  

**I make one of a kind unique pieces of art and I don't do exact reproductions.


Each one of a kind bead is handmade by me in my Shedio (a shed I built into a studio), in Calgary Alberta. I primarily use Italian (Murano) glass that I melt in extreme heat and control to create each bead individually. All of my beads are annealed straight from the torch in a digitally-controlled kiln for lasting strength and durability.

I try to represent the true colours of my beads and photograph them in natural sunlight to show them at their best. Depending on the device and monitor you are viewing on, these may appear differently.

Nekked beads - are beads that have not been made into anything yet, and therefore let you decide how you want it.

Jewelry pieces- are created with Stainless Steel as often as I can to allow strength, and shine (who's got time to polish?). Special orders can be made with sterling silver, titanium, copper, brass, leather or cord.

Allergies? - Please reach out and let me know and I am happy to accommodate.

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